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Hunt Valve Actuator Division Serves the Military Market

Military-Proven Electromechanical Linear Actuators with Unparalleled Reliability

Hunt Valve specializes in electromechanical actuators that are more precise and reliable. The advantages of our products include:

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Why Electromechanical Actuators? 

Industry is transitioning to electromechanical actuators (versus hydraulic) for the following reasons:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced energy consumption
  • Decreased maintenance when compared to alternative solutions
  • Reduced noise and safety concerns associated with hydraulic fluid, hoses, and pumps
  • Reduced life-cycle cost
  • Decreased support-system package size

Key Benefits:

  • Increased precision and predictable motion
  • Ease of integration with industry-standard motors, drives, and PLCs
  • Reliable and predictable lifespans
  • Superior performance, quality, and durability
  • Customizable to specific applications

Experts in Extreme Engineering
Our Experts in Extreme Engineering know what it takes to meet your requirements from designing one-off custom actuators to creating complete mechanical linear systems.

Contact us at (800) 321-2757 or info@huntvalve.com