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Hunt Valve’s WIESEL line of belt-driven rodless actuators are ideal for applications that warrant high speeds and significant moment load carrying capabilities, but at an economic price point. Both the SPEEDLine® and POWERLine® units offer a robust toothed belt drive configuration which provides consistent and reliable linear motion.

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The WIESEL SPEEDLine® units are used for single-axis solutions and can be combined in two and three-dimensional systems (X-Y-Z). The light-weight design combined with the unit’s small footprint allow high dynamic and static load ratings in a compact package. This makes these units particularly capable in Z-Axis applications.

Available Models:

  • WH50
  • WH80
  • WH120
  • WHZ50
  • WHZ80

Technical Features:

  • Maximum speed of 33 ft / sec
  • Maximum acceleration 131 ft/s2
  • Repeatability of ± 0.002 inches, even at high feed forces
  • Maximum feed force 1,124 lb-f
  • Steel reinforced belt
  • Rubber wipers to protect linear guide from debris
  • Central system lubrication point
  • Light-weight total construction

POWERLine Belt

The WIESEL POWERLine® ZRT combines the high travel speeds of the toothed belt drive with the powerful, fully integrated ball bearing guide of the POWERLine® series. The -370 option boasts an attractive price reduction with its shorter guide system and compact power bridge.

Available ZRT Models:

  • WM60-370 ZRT
  • WM80-370 ZRT
  • WM80 ZRT

Technical Features:

  • Patented self-adjusting sealing cover strip to prevent material intrusion
  • Integrated ball-bearing guide system to handle higher moment loads
  • Steel reinforced toothed belt drive