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Ball-screw driven rodless actuators are the ideal choice for applications that require both high moment load capabilities and high feed forces. Hunt Valve’s actuator offerings include the POWERLine and DYNALine series in a range of sizes engineered to meet exacting demands.

Key Features:

  • Patented screw support design to allow high travel speeds at all travel lengths
  • Pre-tensioning ball nut for increased accuracy and life predictions
  • Compact and fully equipped system footprint
  • Patented self-adjusting sealing cover strip to prevent material intrusion
  • Recirculating ball bearing internal guide systems to handle moment loading
  • Central system lubrication point

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The POWERLine series utilizes an enhanced internal guide system differentiated by circulating ball bearings which travel on internal hardened steel rails. This, along with the standard precision drive screw, provides a comprehensive solution when a mix of power, speed, and precision is needed.

Available POWERLine Frame Sizes:

  • WM40
  • WM60
  • WM80
  • WM120

Technical Features:

  • Maximum speed of 8.2 ft/s
  • Repeatability up to ± 0.0004 inches
  • Maximum feed force of 2,698 lb-f
  • Maximum load carrying capability 1,348 lbs
  • Maximum moment load of 134 lbs-f on carriage
  • Compact guide and carriage configuration available (-370 option)


In some cases, extremely high moment load capabilities are the primary application requirement. The DYNALine is an optimized version of the POWERLine series of screw-driven rodless actuators designed to meet this demand by coupling the primary drive elements with external linear guides. This allows increased moment load capabilities to be realized, even at high speeds and long stroke lengths.