Hunt Valve Company, Inc.
Salem, OH USA


Directional Valves

MV0 Valve Series

The MV0 Valve Series are directional control valves for the central hydraulic system within the rolling mill. The Hunt MV0 Series are an upgrade to the Hunt original MSA valve line (V03 & V05 Valve). These valves were specifically designed for high water based fluids. With the design features of 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way operation, and 2-position and 3-position configuration, Hunt valves are very versatile for many applications in today's mill lines. Hunt technology has continually up-graded the valves to make them more user friendly for many years to come. Learn More...

Combo Valve Series

The Combo Valve Series offers the steel and aluminum industries with a hydraulic directional control valve capability of performing with years of dependability under the severe duty service of low viscosity fluids. These valves are designed after the original Hunt H-SERIES Valve product line. They have been upgraded to conform to the NFPA mounting pattern. The valve line include with the auxiliary control valve products required to complete the function requirements of a hydraulic control system. These valves are also utilized within oil systems for severe duty applications where other valves cannot perform reliably. Learn More...

Single Plunger Valves

The Hunt Single Plunger Series of valves are low-pressure air and water valves. Therefore, the Single Plunger Valve has superior performance when functioning within air circuits contaminated by water moisture without any ill effects to the valve. The brass bodies and the stainless steel plungers have made this valve one of the most reliable air products for severe service in the industry. Learn More...