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Hunt Valve specializes in the design and manufacturing of proprietary and build to print valves for critical service and industrial manufacturing applications, including steam, hydraulic, sea water and high pressure. Our team of highly skilled engineers can alter the design and dimensions of most of our products to fit into existing piping or match existing products.

When you need to safeguard and control the flow and movement of material, Hunt can design a customized automation solution for your application. We service the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generation industries that require the utmost of caution and precision. Whether you need a linear actuator, hydraulic system or flow control valves, Hunt Valve products has the optimal solution for your process.


  • Descaling System Products

    Descaling System Products

    In the steel industry, dependability is vital for continuous production with the least amount of downtime for the rolling mills. Hunt Valve has developed a selection of critical valve products within a descale system that meets the pressure and reliability requirements of steel mill applications.

  • Pump Bypass Control

    Pump by-pass valves enable on/off control of the required minimum water flow for cooling of the centrifugal pumps when the main descale system does not have a demand for water spray. With this control, you can eliminate the by-pass flow when the water is required for the descale system. We offer several versatile models that are ideal for fail-safe operation and pump protection.

  • Directional Valves

    Directional Valves

    Designed for the steel and aluminum industries, our user-friendly directional valves offer hydraulic directional control with long-term dependability under the severe-duty service of low-viscosity fluids.

  • Specialty Cylinders

    Specialty Cylinders

    Hunt Valve’s critical-duty specialty cylinders are designed for the aluminum, hydro power and mining industries. Applications include aluminum caster cylinders, nuclear fuel handling system cylinders, aluminum furnace tilt cylinders and hydro dam and gate cylinders. We specialize in custom-design applications where reliability, long-term service life and a detailed quality assurance program and documentation are required.

  • Rotary Joints

    Rotary Joints

    Hunt Valve has the engineering capability to create application-specific hydraulic products such as rotary joints. As a critical component in the steel-making process, a rotary joint can be as simple as a single pass unit to a complex multi-stage unit with up to 22 passes. Our custom rotary joints help prevent failures in the steel mill that may lead to downtime or a major outage throughout the entire mill line.

  • Remanufacturing


    Our experienced engineers and craftsman evaluate your component and determine the root cause of any excessive wear or damage. As the OEM, we are experts at determining the best course of action to obtain the maximum useful life of the component while minimizing the risk for future downtime from old or worn parts.