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Hunt Valve Explains Why Industrial Valve Materials Matter in Applied Automation

When specifying the components of a water hydraulics system, the valve experts at Hunt Valve know how extensive planning and analysis are required for long-term safety and reliability. Few would argue that valve selection is of critical importance. However, a key aspect of valve selection is understanding how the materials used in a valve will impact the performance of the..

Challenges of Selecting High-Pressure Water Valves

Experienced engineers know how important it is to plan ahead when designing a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit. Careful planning is especially critical when faced with the challenges of selecting high-pressure water valves. After analyzing your application’s design parameters, you should consider the following challenges involved in using water as the flow media: Challenge 1: Contamination and Premature Wear If you’re..

Hunt Valve: 3 Factors that Impact Your Selection of High-Pressure Water Valve Materials

Materials of construction have a long-term impact on the performance of your industrial valve and the overall hydraulic system. When choosing your high-pressure water valve materials, the following factors will help you with your selection: 1. Material Incompatibilities Understanding material incompatibilities is especially important for those parts of the industrial valve that will come into direct contact with the flow media. These..

Hunt Valve: Industrial Valve Leakage Article Lands on Cover of Plant Engineering

As the Experts in Extreme Engineering, we know how damaging a poorly designed or maintained hydraulic system can be. In fact, industrial valve leakage is known to decrease efficiency, increase costs and expose employees to potentially harmful conditions. If you’re a plant or maintenance engineer, the last thing you need is your high-pressure water valves leaking profits out of your..

Hunt Valve: Selecting High-Pressure Water Valves For Hydraulic Systems

If you’re an experienced engineer, you know how important it is to plan ahead when creating circuit designs. This is especially vital when designing a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit and selecting high-pressure water valves. If you take the time to analyze the application parameters and select the right components during the initial design process, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief…