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Hunt Valve’s engineering team utilizes strict controls and assembly procedures to ensure that each engineered solution meets all contract and drawing specifications, including torque requirements, lubrication certifications and heat trace code markings.

Hydrostatic testing of blast deflector swivel joints

Hydrostatic testing of blast deflector swivel joints, used for transmitting cooling water flow to jet blast deflectors on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.

Our engineers implement custom-designed 10,000 psi hydraulic and 10,000 psi nitrogen test units to perform hydrostatic pressure testing. Each test unit is routinely calibrated to ensure accuracy and repeatability of test pressures. Additionally, we have in-house steam testing capabilities for low-pressure applications.

Testing capabilities

Water, Oil, Air and Hi-Pressure Nitrogen (10,000 PSIG)


Qualification Testing

In-house First article, Cycle, Endurance and Contracted Shock, Vibration and Steam