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Valve Material Controlled Space

Material control and traceability are critical requirements of Level 1 SUBSAFE valves, which are in high-demand by our military and industrial customers. At Hunt Valve, we incorporate the controls and inspections required to maintain the material traceability back to the original mill heat.

Hunt Valve utilizes a segregated, controlled storage area for both finished components and raw materials. The raw material and finished component storage areas are secured with restricted access. Raw material and finished machined components are segregated into three different areas depending on their required level of traceability: Level 1, Military Level 1 and Industrial. This separation prevents any commingling of raw materials or finished parts, ensuring superior product quality and integrity.


All materials are inspected before being received at Hunt Valve. Our precise receiving inspection process includes:

• Dimensional inspection
• Mercury-free inspection
• Alloy verification
• Material certification review

If any element is found to be in violation of our strict standards, then the material is rejected before being received.


Hunt Valve Military Storage

Level 1 Traceability for Welding Consumables

Hunt Valve’s welding facility is designed to ensure that material control and joint traceability for Level I welds are maintained. Our staff is trained to uphold the highest standards of quality and security, resulting in better products for our customers.

• Welding consumables are stored in a securely locked environment
• Only welders, a senior staff engineer and the plant manager have access to the consumable storage area.
• Process sheet and weld procedure verification by a supervisor or another welder is required before welding consumables are issued.
• A completed issuance and retrieval log is required to obtain consumables.
• Controlled ovens and hermetically sealed containers are used to store welding consumables.