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Reliable, durable industrial valve designs for aluminum and steel applications.

Reliable, durable industrial valve designs for aluminum and steel applications.

Integrated steel producers target a variety of applications ranging from high-quality automotive body panels to low-quality rebar applications. The aluminum industry is equally diverse with applications ranging from aluminum foil to large billets for aircraft forgings and extruded shapes.


Market Challenges

Descaling reliability: With the exception of rebar manufacturers, most primary metals customers must perform a descaling operation to produce a product with a high surface quality and to protect their rolls from wear. Since descaling is performed with high-pressure water, the application is very demanding for their descale valves and pumping systems. Maintaining a high degree of reliability is critical to the quality of the product being produced as well as the cost that would be associated with production stoppage due to a failed valve.

Low viscosity: In both aluminum and steel mills, low-viscosity hydraulic media is required for specific directional control valve applications such as those that provide fire resistance. It is also needed when working with the type of low-viscosity hydraulic oil that is used in aluminum mills. Although low-viscosity directional control applications are not as demanding as descale valve applications, the biggest challenge is operating with valves that do not leak internally or require frequent maintenance.

To meet these challenges, customers in the primary metals market demand products that are reliable, durable and affordable. Durability is especially important since the resources and manpower needed to perform maintenance on a frequent basis are unavailable at most mills.


Hunt Valve Solutions

Steel Industry
Descale products:
Descale valves (descale header control)
Pump bypass valves (bypass flow for centrifugal pumps)
Strainers (filter out scale to keep descale nozzle from clogging)
Breakdown orifices (reduce high pressure to low pressure to control flow for pump bypass and header pre-fill)
Check valves (prevent back flow)
Accumulator safety shut-off valves (control flow in and out of accumulator from pump and to system, prevent loss of air charge at low level)


Aluminum Industry
Directional Control Valves

Our Combo and Mod-Stack series of cartridge valves work well for directional control applications due to the packed spool design, which provides zero leakage internally and externally on low-viscosity hydraulic oil applications.

The hydraulic oil used in many aluminum mill applications is low viscosity and is fairly flammable. The low-viscosity hydraulic fluid acts like a penetrating oil and will find a leak path if one exists. Due to the high flammability potential, external leakage prevention is a priority. While the mills have a fire suppression system, the fire and fall hazards from external leakage can be avoided.


Hunt Valve’s Competitive Advantage

Our descale products are better than the competition because of our patented plunger design. The design and how it creates the seal to shut off flow make it a considerably more reliable, durable valve than competing industrial valves on the market.

Compared with many poppet valve designs, our directional control valves have a packed spool zero leakage design that provides higher reliability, better performance and more simplistic control logic.