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Durable industrial valves for long-term operation in the chemical plant.

Durable industrial valves for long-term operation in the chemical plant.

Market Challenges

In chemical processing plants and refineries, safety and durability are important characteristics of industrial valves. Since the process and chemical plants themselves are built to certain safety specifications, it’s no surprise that high safety standards must be met by any component or system used within the facility.

Safety is paramount because processing plants are a dangerous environment where flammable, explosive media are flowing through pipes and valves at all times. Choosing the right industrial valve can help protect the people as well as the equipment in the plant. Durability is also required because the plant engineer can’t afford to shut down the entire plant to do maintenance on the valve—even for a relatively short period of time. The valve must keep operating as long as possible, so it doesn’t disrupt production and impact the bottom line.

Hunt Valve Solutions

At Hunt Valve, our industrial hydraulic valves are ideal for high-pressure, high-flow water-controlled applications in the process industry where leakage is not an option. If a processing plant requires a customized automation solution, our skilled engineers can alter the design and dimensions of most of our products to suit the unique application requirements.

The following products are ideal for process applications:

  • Pressure-reducing breakdown orifice: Processing plants and refineries can use this technology in high-pressure water applications that utilize centrifugal pumps such as decoking and boiler feedwater. These applications typically require prefill valves and/or bypass valves to divert flow to an orifice. The breakdown orifice takes high-pressure water from the pump and reduces the pressure and flow to a predetermined rate for optimal pump cooling. For example, a processing plant might require a minimum flow of 400 gpm at a pressure drop of 2500 psi for pump cooling. A bypass orifice might also be needed to prefill an empty pipe before applying full system flow to prevent water hammer on applications such as decoking. Hunt Valve’s pressure breakdown orifices are specially designed for maximum life and ease of maintenance. These orifices are individually created to handle the pressure drop and pressure/flow rate requirements of each pump. The multistage design provides long life and provides the capability to quickly replace the individual orifice plates once worn.
  • High-pressure hydraulic valves: Our high-pressure hydraulic valves are ideal for decoking and other applications that require on/off control of high-pressure water or other low-viscosity media. The zero leakage plunger design combined with separated pneumatic actuation provides the most dirt-tolerant design available while significantly reducing the water hammer/shock that is associated with other types of valves. Our hydraulic valves can be configured to provide various functions—from on/off spray control to directional control.