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Reliable high-pressure water valves for hydro dam applications

Reliable high-pressure water valves for hydro dam applications

Manufacturers in the energy market produce electricity from a turbine located in a hydro dam or a pumped storage facility. In pumped storage facilities, electricity is used during off-peak hours when the cost is low to pump water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir. Then, it’s released from the top reservoir to the turbine to make electricity at peak demand times when the price is higher, thus generating a profit on the difference.

Within this market, Hunt Valve’s primary customers are hydro turbine engineering and manufacturing companies and pumped storage facilities.


Market Challenges

Typically, high-pressure water valve designs are very specialized and customized for each application, especially wicket gate servomotors. Finding a company with the design and manufacturing capabilities required to produce low-quantity specialty hydraulic valves and specialty cylinders that meet stringent quality requirements is an energy producer’s biggest challenge.

Customers in the energy market demand reliability and durability from their industrial valves. Reliability is critical to production in the energy market because unexpected failures and unscheduled downtime result in a loss of production and profits. Because the energy producers do not have a large maintenance staff on site to perform maintenance on components that require frequent replacement, maximum durability is essential.

Hunt Valve Solutions

Our high-pressure water valves are ideal for the energy market because they provide a source for custom-manufactured packed spool valves that enable zero internal leakage operation. Since our valves are custom manufactured, we offer the option of corrosion-resistant materials of construction and custom mounting options for retrofit installations.

Hunt Valve’s Competitive Advantage

With decades of custom specialty cylinder engineering and valve manufacturing, Hunt Valve is a top supplier of specialty engineered products such as servomotors and other specialty valves cylinders. We have a proven record of providing reliable specialty servomotors to several hydro energy companies with applications around the world.