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Ceramic Valves

To compete in the steel commodities market, steel manufacturers use descaling processing on the steel slab to create the best surface finish. The descaling process must perform at its best throughout the total length of the product to ensure superior surface quality. This puts the following demands on the descaling system:

  • Create the best descale impingement with the least amount of water
  • Deliver the highest pressure possible to the descale headers; maintain this pressure throughout the strip length
  • Work with raw descale water

Continuous Production, Less Downtime

Hunt Valve has developed a wide selection of industrial valve products for descaling systems that meet the above requirements. These products have delivered decades of dependable performance at the world’s leading steel production facilities.

Our critical-service descale valves range from descale spray valves to pump bypass valves and header pre-fill valves. Choose Hunt Valve for reliable, continuous production with the least amount of downtime at your rolling mill.

Descale Valve Innovations

From our first valves that featured a hollow-drilled, radial-ported plunger to our newest Mega-Flo C plunger valves and Proportional Poppet valves with advanced ceramic technology, Hunt Valve has always been on the leading edge of descale valve innovation.

We continue to support our legacy valves, as well as our newest, for new valve, remanufacturing and spare part needs.

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