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Combo Directional Control ValvesHunt Valve’s Combo Directional Control Valves are manufactured with the high-quality design features required for the severe duty cycles of steel mill hydraulic systems. The combo valve evolved from Hunt Valve’s H Series Valve product line and has proven to be one of the most reliable valves in the world for low-viscosity fluid applications. This valve line includes the auxiliary control valve products required to complete the functional requirements of a hydraulic control system. These valves are also utilized within oil systems for severe-duty applications where other valves cannot deliver reliable performance.

Combo Directional Control Valves are designed for 95/5 water/oil service and have also performed reliably in the aluminum industry for low-viscosity based fluid applications. The combo valves are rated for up to 5000 psig and flow rates up to 400 GPM. They are designed with heavy-duty seals for zero leakage and are also available as lapped versions where seals are not acceptable in the circuit. All valves offer four-way operation and two- or three-position configuration. The valves can be supplied with a variety of pilot valves to suit the requirements of your circuit. The hydraulic pilot valve version, direct solenoid version and air pilot version are all available.