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Hunt Valve can completely design, engineer and fabricate custom valve stands to your needs.

Features include:

  • Use of common pressure and tank headers to reduce connection points and potential leaks.
  • NFPA-style manifolds allow use of individual isolation blocks so you can service individual valves during production time.
  • Access to both front and back sides for compact use of components.
  • Back or bottom access for work port locations.
  • Test points standard on all P, T, A and B ports for more accurate troubleshooting.
  • All manifolds salt bath Nitrided for corrosion resistance.
  • Stands constructed of heavy duty angle and tubing.
  • Ground plate tops with standard 3-in. perimeter coolant trough.
  • Optional Nema 4 enclosure termination box and wire trough.
  • SAE flanges standard code 61 or 62