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Do you have a unique engineering problem that an off-the-shelf product just won’t solve? Do you have an existing valve or component that’s failing to meet the needs of your application?

At Hunt Valve, our Experts in Extreme Engineering can create new hydraulic product solutions to fit almost any product or application. We will perform a complete hydraulic analysis of your system to determine how to meet your new requirements or troubleshoot your existing issues for optimum performance. And we’ll work hard to identify the most cost-effective, hassle-free solution to your problem.

Custom Unique Designs
Rotary Joint

Figure 1: A.O.D. Vessel Rotary Joint

Here are a few examples of low-cost custom designs that we developed for our customers:

• Variable speed drive descale systems: With a desire for more energy efficient operations, one of our customers installed variable speed drives on their large descale system centrifugal pumps to substantially reduce their power demands. However, this technology produced new transient forces within the piping system, creating excessive fatigue failure problems in the piping and hydraulic components of the entire descale system.

After extensive analysis, our team determined that the excessive fatigue loading could not be engineered away from the system. Hunt Valve redesigned the valves to withstand this excessive fatigue loading, giving the valves the extended life necessary without increasing the risk of operational downtime to the customer. Today’s Hunt Valve offers products with upgrade options that are completely suitable for variable speed drive descale systems.


• Descale valves: One customer had a number of descale valves within their system. Some of the descale valves had 90-degree right flange orientation while others had 90-degree left flange orientation. The customer needed spares on hand that were suitable for both locations. Our solution was a simple fix: We supplied valve housings with both 90-degree right and left outlet flange orientations.
• Pump pressure breakdown orifice: Another customer was required to replace his original pump pressure breakdown orifice due to repeated failures. The fabrication had been designed to fit in a 9-foot long flange-to-flange location. The new Hunt replacement orifice would only require a 5-foot length. Rather than make piping changes or require a separate spool piece, the Hunt design was modified to be a 9-foot drop in replacement length, enabling a quick, simple and economical installation.
• Rotary joint: When a customer had a rotary joint in need of considerable repair, our team sprang into action to address the problem with quickly. Since the rotary joint was being used constantly (five days a week), downtime was not an option. We evaluated the rotary joint on site and purchased all necessary replacement parts in advance. The unit was removed on a Friday evening and sent directly to Hunt Valve. After two days of around-the-clock remanufacturing, it was returned for re-installation Sunday evening that same weekend. The rotary joint was back in full service without a minute of downtime to the customer.


Drop-In Replacements

If you have an old valve from Hunt Valve or another manufacturer that needs to be updated, we can engineer a unique design for drop-in replacement. Our experts will engineer and alter the design and dimensions of the new valve to fit the existing piping or match the existing product without expensive field piping changes.

For example, the heart of Hunt Valve’s descale valve is in the removable cartridge assembly of the valve. In most cases, the performance of the cartridge is unaffected by altering our housing dimensions to match an existing valve housing. The new valve becomes a simple, direct drop-in replacement. All major piping flange connections will match the existing customer piping without any field piping changes. This saves you substantial replacement time and field costs.