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While many steel mills have implemented continuous bypass flow as a fail-safe method of ensuring that pumps don’t overheat or get damaged, this method wastes a tremendous amount of energy. Centrifugal pump bypass control helps steel producers improve quality and reduce the cost of production.

The integration of Hunt Valve’s pump bypass control valves (with built-in fail-safe features) delivers minimum flow for pump cooling only when needed—providing the capability to direct 100% of the flow to the descale header when required. This method allows steel producers to direct higher flows and pressures to improve the descale efficiency and product surface quality or shut down a pump by eliminating continuous header prefill and pump bypass flows from multiple pumps, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

For example, if your system has five pumps constantly bypassing 400 gpm for the minimum flow required to keep the pump cool, that’s 2000 gpm. And, if you also have four headers with 200 gpm for continuous header prefill, that’s a total of 2,800 gpm. By controlling the bypass and header prefill flow, it may be possible to shut down one pump or divert more flow to the system for increased descaling capability.

At Hunt Valve, our bypass valves are ideal for any high-pressure centrifugal pump system that requires minimum flow to provide cooling for the pumps when there is no system demand. With pump bypass control, you’ll experience enhanced efficiency, increased pressure for the application and potential energy savings.
Hunt Valve’s pump bypass control products provide fail-safe operation and pump protection in the following ways:

  • Combined with our pressure breakdown orifices, our bypass valves eliminate the troublesome mechanical linkage and variable orifice design that is commonly used in minimum flow bypass applications.
  • All Hunt Valve centrifugal pump bypass valves are designed to fail open in case of electrical power or pneumatic pressure loss to provide complete protection for your pump.

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